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Sponsored RidersA.J. Luinstra, 18, #114

A.J. currently races in Pro-Am Ski Stock and Ski 4 Stroke Stock on his Kawasaki SX-R from 321 Kawasaki. He is currently doing the ProWatercross National Tour and many different IJSBA races including the 321 Kawasaki Watercross Tour.

Justin Luinstra, 34, #107

Justin races motorcycles and Jet Ski watercraft. He finished 7th overall last season in the 450 C Class at Jeeps Supercross. He also finished 2nd overall in Expert Ski Limited and Amateur Ski Open in the 2010 Nauti Water Racing Series. Justin won the Supercourse Nationals in the Pro-Ski Class in 2007. He currently helps run the Nauti Water Watercross Tour in the Mid-west. Be sure to take a look at the upcoming Wild West Watercross Tour schedule at nautiwaterracing.com.

Ben Swanson #219

Bill Haig #106

Matthew Richuk, 17,  #15

Matthew is currently racing in the Pro-Am Ski GP class on his 2018 Kawasaki SX-R from 321 Kawasaki. Matthew is currently planning on attending the ProWatercross National Tour and World Championships. 

Niki Turner #702

Jeremy Poper #77

Mark Davis #119